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What is at stake?

Creation (not loss) of meaning.

Images as active mnemonic triggers, rather than passive symbols.

Defining one’s position in relation to perceived reality — an act of looking, taking, collecting, organizing.

A move toward clarification, away from obfuscation.

A move toward greater specificity, away from generalization.

Everything is not governed according to the same set of rules.
(Resist the urge to look for irreversible, universal rules)

Separate organizational systems reveal different salient features in the material being organized.

Positions shift and evolve in relation to one another, as do players in a game to whom the rules are partially unknown, and progressively amended.

It is enough to formulate an accurate snapshot of one’s own position in the present moment.

The knowledge that what is true now may no longer hold true later does not invalidate this endeavor.

The succession of each of these fallible, contradictory snapshots forms a narrative: the record of a life lived.

Spiral motion of water down a drain: changes direction based on its location in relation to the earth’s equator.